Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lawnbott Chronicles: Moisture is the essence of motor failure...

Herman is sitting in the garage right now waiting for a new wheel motor. Ever since Herman went swimming corrosion has been a problem. One wheel motor went out about a month ago and I replaced it (at $250.00) only to have the other wheel motor fail last week. I'm thinking that I need to completely disassemble Herman and clean his circuits before the corrosion destroys anything else.

On the up side, our grass doesn't seem to be growing nearly as fast as it was in the middle of summer, so Herman's vacation won't trigger the kind of uprising I've seen in the past.

I also just realized that I never mentioned the flood. Our neighborhood got partially flooded over the summer. While the water didn't make it into the house, I was able to watch a tennis ball float (not roll) from one end of our driveway all the way to the street. Very surreal...

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