Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Lawnbott Chronicles: Herman takes week off, weeds exploit the situation

Remember that left motor that was giving me problems? Yeah, it failed last Wednesday. KA sent a new motor and I replaced the faulty one last night. Herman got about an hour of cutting done before his curfew, so today will be his first real day of work in a week. Already some of the weeds are 6 inches tall. All of Herman's progress is coming undone by my folly. Now I will pay the price...

Last week I finished wiring the final section of yard in front of the house. Now Herman can attack with the fervor of a militant grounds keeper at Pebble Beach. Over the next two weeks I will be watching to see if the Lawnbott Evolution Plus lives up to its 1 acre promise. If Herman can successfully keep the grass under control I will consider this test a success. During that first week, I wasn't sure, but my fears are almost at rest. I guess all it takes is time for Herman to beat the lawn (and a rug) into submission.

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