Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Joy of Having a Second Computer...

One of the greatest things about having more than one computer in the house is not being stuck if one of them fails... But... What do you when both of your computers fail?

The power supply failed on my Ubuntu rig.
The chipset fan failed on my Windows rig.

You tear them apart and build one working computer! So I took the power supply out of my windows rig and got the Ubuntu rig running. Until the new parts arrive, I will have to use Linux...

Lindsay doesn't speak Esperanto (and my feeble attempts to learn it failed) so I wiped the Ubuntu off and installed Fedora 8... in english. HUGE difference! Not only do I understand the words on the screen, but all my hardware was configured without any coercion from me.

Why do I comment on this? Because this is the first time I've found a turnkey Linux distro for a custom-built computer without consulting a linux compatibility hardware list. Maybe I just got lucky, but I consider this to be a good sign. Linux may be reaching a tipping point for mass adoption. Walmart seems to think so...

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