Saturday, July 14, 2007

An introverted birthday...

Today, for my birthday, I spent the entire day alone.

As an introvert, this is a good thing. I've had an entire day to relax and center myself. Tomorrow, I'll have to deal with one person for a little while, but after that, I'll be alone again. I can't tell you how good it feels to get this time to myself after the last couple months.

Do I sound strange for wanting to be alone? I'm not. I'm just a personality minority. According to a Myers-Briggs test, one percent of the world has a personality like me. Let me show you:

Your Type is


Strength of the preferences %

INTJ type description by D.Keirsey
INTJ type description by J. Butt and M.M. Heiss
Wiki Entry for INTJ

It seems that my personality is moving closer to "Judging", which is a change from a couple years ago. I would say that has a lot to do with my job. Lots of standards and baselines in an enterprise IT environment. The practical nature of the job reduces my planning time and requires working, relatively SIMPLE solutions. I do take some time to play with new technology, but most of that is in preparation for actually having to implement.

Curious to see what these tests can say about you?
Test Yourself!

Edit: On the list of fictional INTJs, it lists Gandalf the Grey. So if you see a Balrog running around, let me know. I got that shit on lockdown...


Anonymous said...

From Carly and Jay:
Happy Birthday!!
P.S.- Jay says there is a troll in the forest...

Sam said...

Death to TROLLS!!!!!!!!

MNZ said...

Hi there. I just found this blog while blog searching for "introverted".

But I just wanted to say..... Join the party my INTJ friend! Welcome to our very own 1% of the world. Although 1% is quite a lot when we're talking about 6+ billion. But however big that may be, I still kinda feel special being an INTJ, don't you?

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