Monday, July 9, 2007

Green Living: The paranoia begins...

About a month ago, after watching "The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See...", I decided to get a couple books on sustainability and see what I could do to reduce my environmental footprint without depleting my own cash resources. These are the two books I bought and my (incomplete) thoughts on them:

Green Living: A Practical Guide to Simple Sustainability
This book is broken down into three sections: personal health, home sustainability, and future sustainability. I've only read the first two sections but so far it's a good book. Every page induces a panic attack as you realize that just about everything you touch (even the house you live in) poisons you and that anything plastic is really an ecological disaster that emits cancerous fumes all the freaking time! All I can do is wonder why malignant tumors don't cover my entire body. I'm really hoping that the last section puts some things in perspective because there's no buzz-kill quite like watching your child play and thinking "the plastic in that toy causes cancer, and it's in her mouth." I'm sure I'll come to terms with this, but right now it's freaking me out a bit. Where's that blue pill...

In the books defense, I have to say that when it does give you bad news on a product, it immediately points you to clean alternatives that you can use instead. For that I was grateful, but unless you read the book slowly you end up overwhelmed by the bad things.

The Lazy Environmentalist: Your Guide to Easy, Stylish, Green Living
I only glanced at this book, but it looks like a "Yellow Pages for Green Products" kinda thing. All of the chapters have a couple pages talking about an issue, then lists a bunch of companies that provide eco-friendly versions of those products. I'll try to remember to write more on this book when I get to it.

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