Friday, April 6, 2007

Lawnbott Chronicles: Will robot my slave work hard enough?

Last night I finished surrounding the backyard with copper wire. Tonight I'll install the base station for Lawnbott and engage the 24v magical circle, binding this electronic servant to my yard for all eternity!

Why only the backyard, you ask? Because I got tired of cutting trenches for something that may not work at all. If Lawnbott can successfully manage the backyard I can extend into the front yard in sections. The manual said (yes, I read manuals for some things) I could program "zones" depending on how I run the wire. I'll do more research on that...

I'm gonna set this guy loose without cutting the yard, too. Most of the really tall stuff is skinny weed things. The rare thick weeds I can pull by hand. My Bermuda grass is still relatively short (1-2 inches in most places). I'll set Lawnbott to cut as high as possible and see what the results look like.

I only have one other worry. I don't know how mole tunnels will affect performance. I haven't done anything to get rid of the pests yet, so the tunnels are still popping up. The manual warns about keeping Lawnbott away from exposed tree roots, which could be a similar scenario. I'm hoping that Lawnbott will drive the moles off with it's constant mowing and demonic aura, but I may have to resort to more extreme measures...

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mawiemawie said...

Baseball bats and hoes seem to do the trick :)

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