Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My new toy: robotic lawnmower

I have a problem. My hand-me-down push mower cannot keep up with my 1.03 acre yard. Maybe I should say, I can't push a teeny manual push-mower around one acre fast enough to finish mowing before it's time to start again. I need a riding lawnmower to do this thing right. At least, that's what most people need. I am not most people...

On March 28th I ordered a Lawnbott Evolution from in an attempt to automate a large portion of my yard maintenance. If this works, I'll only need to do edging and take care of the gardens. That means more time for World of Warcraft!

I have 30 days to test this thing out and see if it can handle the yard. The only thing holding me back is the perimeter wire that I need to install first. You see, I have around 1,500 ft of wire that I have to run around the perimeter (including trees and flower beds) before I can even set this thing loose. In the three days (roughly 7 hours of work) I've worked on it I got half the backyard done. At this rate I'm thinking I will finish sometime Friday night. Which means I'll need to mow my yard manually one more time this weekend before I can unleash the beast-bot.

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