Sunday, April 8, 2007

Lawnbott Chronicles: I've got crop circles!

After one day of Lawnbott action, my backyard is a chaotic mess of lines and spirals. Apparently, Lawnbott's modus operandi is to pick a random direction and sprint as far as it can before it hits something. Then he turns in another random direction and sprints again. Occasionally he'll do some spirals, probably in an effort to design crop circles telling his buddies in orbit that his new job sucks and I'm a slave driving pain of a master.

I only had to help Lawnbott out twice today. Once when it tried to mow down a tree (his drive wheels came off the ground), and once when ants lured him into a pit. I quelled the ant uprising by smoothing out their city and we're putting barricades around every tree.

On the good side, Lawnbott crossed all mole hills without problems, turning their perceived threat into a minor nuisance. Now I can only hope the incessant whirring of plant death every day will drive those subterranean rodents out of my yard.

Dad doesn't think Lawnbott can manage such a large area, and he has a point. Right now Lawnbott's random paths leave entire sections uncut (possibly on purpose?). My only hope is, as the yard comes under control, Lawnbott knows how to focus on uncut areas. I also have to take into account that this isn't all of my yard right now. If Lawnbott can't handle a measly half-acre, I will be forced to send it back to Alabama in disgrace.

If this doesn't work, I may actually have to mow my own yard...

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