Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lawnbott Chronicles: We have hit critical mass...

Today I came home to find 99% of the yard mowed. I had to actively look for the few remaining weeds. I took this picture of a sand spot in the yard to show how often Lawnbott has criss-crossed the yard over the last 5 days.

From Lawnbott

I can only guess that Lawnbott has cleared enough of the weeds that the few times it meets resistance now, it's more likely to "spiral" on unfinished areas. He also stopped doing the limp, but I'm going to replace the left motor any way. I'm not entirely convinced that the fine sand (anthills) doesn't have something to do with it, but since only one motor is having problems I can't say for sure. Could be a bad seal, could be ant sabotage, who knows...

I'm going wire out one more section of the yard to see how quickly it can work on that area. The grass is a little longer in that area (and the size is much smaller), so I should see faster results. That will have to wait for next week, though. There is a road trip scheduled for this weekend, and Lawnbott will spend the weekend sitting locked inside my garage.

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