Monday, April 16, 2007

Lawnbott Chronicles: Thy name shall be... Herman?

Did I mention that my wife has this thing about picking names that don't fit at all? It's true. I had to rename two of our cats because of it. I mean, why give cats respectable names? Suzy and Misty are boooring names. I'm almost certain their nine lives are more exciting now as Pompom and Ecstasy. The last cat, Emily, will be getting a new name as soon as I can find one that fits.

So Herman sounded cute to my wife. I draw a blank when trying to come up with anything funny about the name Herman.

"Look, honey! Herman's wandering aimlessly around the back yard again!" meh...

Serves me right for not having a good backup name.

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Preston said...

Everyone comes up with unique names for their mowers. Everyone names their mowers the best ones are Pepe, Oscar, and even one named Coach. The one named Coach has a funny decal on his hood that says "The Tassk is Grass and I'm a Lawn Mower." There is a picture up on Bamabots forum as someone's photo. If we every did a competition for most creative mower I think he would win.

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