Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Journal - July 6

Okay. I'm on World of Warcraft now and I have completely neglected this page. It's not that I'm not writing entries, it's just that any time I sit down on this computer I'm trying to catch up to my friends on WoW. I think I'm getting pretty close now so I can take a break from grinding and just relax a bit. Oh, and because the rain messes with the broadband so I get kicked off every 10-15 seconds. Very frustrating. This webpage I can edit locally and then upload it later.

Anyway, here's an entry that I wrote right after the Baby Shower(but never uploaded):

June 25, 2006

This turned out to be a great weekend in Atlanta for Lindsay and me. First off, we got to have LuAnna for the entire weekend which meant that we were able to share everything that happened with her. We all had a great time at Kaya’s birthday party on Saturday. The inflatable castle was a big hit with all the kids (and some adults)! Courtney did a great job as host considering the amount of sugar consumed. The pulled pork with home-made BBQ sauce was delicious.

On Sunday we had the baby shower at Shaun and Britt’s house in Senoia. For everyone that came, I want to say thank you again. Lindsay and I were overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we got. I know that some people were a little worried that they bought duplicate items, but we have to stock two homes (Savannah and Newnan) so the extras are more than welcome. I would like to especially thank those of you who pitched in on the larger items. We put them on the registry, but didn’t really expect to see them. Thank you very much.

LuAnna got to meet a bunch of my friends at the baby shower, most of which hadn’t seen LuAnna since she was a baby. I guess the shock of seeing my eight year old daughter in person (when they usually only hear about her after I see her) can be slightly traumatic. Dave in particular said he last saw LuAnna in a jar, but his charades may have been misinterpreted.
For those of you who didn’t come, Lindsay and I will accept gift cards (just kidding, but not really). The next time you see us will be after Taylor Ann enters the world. We’ll make room for anyone who wants to come down and see her and post pics on my website.

See! I do care, but I had to immerse myself in WoW for a while. Gamers have their priorities...
The Bonaventure finally has renters in it. That means that the $1400/month river of cash can finally stop flowing outward. Having that kind of financial obligation over my head really made me look at what I was spending versus what I really needed. What it boiled down to was Lindsay and I learning to live off of every other paycheck. Now that we have all the extra money we'll be saving most of it and investing the rest. Besides, I now have an engagement ring and another house to buy.

I also have some new pics from the Baby Shower that I will be putting up for everyone. Give me time on that, though. I need my undead rogue to hit level 23. Just kidding, but not really.

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