Monday, July 1, 2002


Hello, people. They shut off my email again. No big deal, but I won't be able to respond to a few that you sent me. You know who you are.

I think I'm cycling back into my mellow stage again. Deep thinking tends to do that to me. In the last 24 hours the subject of behavior and conditioning has come up three times from three different people. I'll take that as a sign...

Time to eat. Later.

Okay, the food sucked. I don't expect much, but when the meat is rotten, DON'T PUT IT ON THE LINE! Sorry. My dinner consisted of a piece of cake, a scoop of apple sauce, and a dinner roll. I had more things on my tray, but the meat tasted funny and I couldn't tell what the other thing was. Needless to say, it went into the trash.

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