Friday, March 12, 2010 going up for auction!

Looks like some schmuck wasted their money. AGAIN!

Hello Markus,

You were previously in contact with Acquire This Name about purchasing the domain name While we were not able to reach a sale agreement for the domain at that time, we want to let you know that the domain will soon be available in auction thru If you are interested in bidding on the name in auction, please visit the domain for more information. In general, the bid minimum bid price for the domains at NameJet start between $69-69 USD.

Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Your AcquireThisName Team

As for the "previous contact", here's what they offered to sell me my old domain name for...

Hello Markus,

We have received your email regarding the domain

The owner of the domain has listed the sales price at $ 2,600 for this domain.

If your next offer is reasonable for this domain, an (ATN) representative will contact the owner on your behalf. Upon hearing from the domain owner, we will notify you.

Please note: Owners of valuable domains will often receive several offers per week. Your offer should be great enough to motivate the domain owner to reply.

Best regards,


Meh. Not worth it.

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