Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lawnbott Chronicles: The warranty ROCKS, thankfully.

Herman's Warranty:
Overall 2 year warranty and any parts replaced under warranty get a 1 year extended warranty.

This is a great warranty and I will tell you why. Herman is wearing out a wheel motor every three to six months and I was worried that sooner or later I would have to purchase these motors myself (around $150 each).

It's a downer that the parts wear out that quickly, but I am pushing this model to its limit. One square acre is a large yard even with an extra battery. Add in frequent weekends out of town and it can take Herman a while to catch up, if he does. During summer weeds grow fast in the low country and the fat septic system grass gets too thick even for my riding mower, but Herman tries. It only gets worse when he starts to limp and beep because his motor doesn't work. Every other time of the year Herman keeps the yard looking great without water or fertilizer.

Just so I don't spend the post putting KA Robotics down, I want to give Vishal credit for always being friendly and helpful when I call for support. The only time I ever paid for any parts is when I thought the motor failure was my fault. An autopsy later on proved otherwise and Vishal sent me a replacement right away. I kept the spare motor so Herman can attack nature with less down time. I imagine these motors would last for years on a quarter acre lot.

Just to re-cap:
1. I still recommend Lawnbott to anyone who asks, but I know my mileage varies.
2. Pushing any machine to the limit reduces life expectancy.
3. The Lawnbott is very easy to work on and replacing parts is easy.
4. KA Robotics stands behind their products, even if their product is owned by an abusive slave driver like me...

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