Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

For my first post of the year, I will lay out my Resolutions for 2008:
  1. Blog with a purpose!
    1. Update this blog when I make progress on my resolutions (look for the "Goals" tag).
  2. Be more organized and reduce the amount of crap I own.
    1. Read and implement Zen To Done habits.
    2. Get rid of anything I didn't use last year.
    3. Unclutter up my desk and keep it clean.
    4. Use the time saved to further my other resolutions.
  3. Increase exercise and personal fitness.
    1. Do 30 minutes 3 times a week (minimum) of aerobic or weight training exercise.
    2. Do 5-15 minutes of yoga every day.
  4. Follow a healthier diet (less junk/fast food and caffeine).
    1. Reduce caffeine and carbonation consumption to "weekends only".
    2. Only eat out at lunch once a week.
  5. "Live Intelligently"
    1. Research environmental impact and energy use of major purchases.
    2. Increase the energy efficiency of my house.
  6. Reduce energy consumption at the data center where I work.
    1. Bring virtualization to the production environment.
    2. Server consolidation to reduce electricity and heating costs.
    3. Increase efficiency by utilizing higher voltage power configurations (400/230V AC).
  7. Reduce the amount of information that I try (and fail) to consume everyday.
    1. Prune my RSS feed reader by 50% in January, then set a maximum amount of time a day to read. Adjust feeds weekly based on interests and time allotted.
    2. Reduce my personal email accounts to one.
    3. Reduce the number of podcast subscriptions in iTunes.
Did I miss anything?

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