Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Basikx.net: possibly gone forever...

Remember the web hosting that I used to use? I'm finally free of them. Even though I switched to blogger.com for hosting, www.hostdepartment.com still held "basikx.net" for DNS resolution purposes.

On October 6th, the lease for my domain name expired and basikx.net was jettisoned into the cold emptiness of nonexistence.

"How could I let this happen?" you might ask. My response would be that www.hostdepartment.com has a crappy interface for managing domain names. I could not figure out how to transfer service so I allowed the registration to lapse. Or so I thought. Instead of becoming available again, basikx.net was snatched up by some website that looks like a cheap adsite. I can only imagine that they will try to sell my domain back to me at a profit. If that is the case, they are surely mistaken...

I am not a vain man. I don't need that domain name. They have taken for ransom a bauble that is worth very little to me. Especially since basikx.org, basikx.info, and basikx.name are still available. I have many options open to me, but the big question is: do I want to take this opportunity to remake the image of this site? Do I really want to keep basikx in the name? I mean, I've had that handle since high school, but I gave it to myself so it never caught on among my friends.

So, I am looking for ideas for a domain name. Let me know what you think I should call this thing. Robotslaveholder.com is available...

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