Friday, October 5, 2007

4 Reason I Don't Have Cable

1. Productivity - I turn into a zombie the minute I make eye contact with a moving screen. All thoughts go out the window and hours will go by before I can pull myself away.

2. Return on Investment
- Speed, Discovery, and The Learning Channel are not worth paying $50+ a month. Sure some of the shows are good, but I can download those off the internets without having to sift through garbage to get there. I admit, there is garbage on the internets, but thanks to iTunes and such, I only have to pay for what I want to see.

3. Unrealistic - Beach MTV is not the norm. Survivor, while not scripted, is heavily edited. The Real World is not real. If they sold fictitious shows as fiction, I wouldn't complain as much. Displaying these mock ups as "real" raises expectations about how we should look, behave, react, etc. Widespread self-esteem issues follow. Want to be happy again? Enjoy Coke! Which brings me to...

4. Commercials - Why would I pay TV companies money to sell me a bunch of crap I don't need? No matter how happy be people in the commercial look, it isn't because they're drinking a soda or playing with a toy. Will the super deluxe Ginsu knock-off 120 piece set for $59.95 make my homemade meals look like world class cuisine? No, and don't waste time trying to tell me how easy my life will be. I can almost guarantee they are crap. Bratz lipstick dolls to teach me how to look like a prostitot? Not for me or my daughters.
Want more complaining?
Gary Cross wrote a great article exposing these things for the manipulative child brainwashing consumerism that it is: Toys for Saps

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