Friday, August 24, 2007

Mental Challenge: Ubuntu Linux and Esperanto

Not only have I wiped Windows off one of my computers, I have installed Linux in another language! Laugh all you want folks, but this is for real. I'm hardcore Esperanto now... sort of.

As I installed Ubuntu I noticed they offered Esperanto as a language. Since the best way to study a language is to immerse yourself in it, I took the plunge. As installation messages sped passed I deciphered the cryptic words with a beginner's fervor. I could only translate a couple words on the screen before new messages wiped my progress, but I was learning. Mia nomo estas Markus!

Then the reboot came and something amazing happened: everything turned back to English. Turns out there is an icon you have to click on (before logging in) and change the language there. On the up side, changing languages isn't hard so I can switch back if I get in over my head.

For now I'm getting used to my new Komputilo software and memorizing vocabulary.

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