Monday, April 9, 2007

Lawnbott Chronicles: Left Motor Problems

Earlier today I sent an email to Bamabots about Lawnbott's limping and in less than 4 hours a KA representative was on the phone with me performing diagnostics on the machine. The left motor was running at about 40% of the right, but without error codes. Just in case, KA is sending me a new left motor. They told me to let Lawnbott continue cutting the grass until the part arrived, so I put him back out. Right after the setting him loose again I got a "L02 Left Motor" error code.

It looked so sad, limping around the yard. His wavering gait brought tears to my eyes as he bravely swam across that overwhelming acre of green. He has a heart of gold, that Lawnbott. He'll stop and rest every now and then, stating "L02 Left Motor", but I tell him that the job is not done, and he soldiers on. He may be brave and fighting a losing battle, but I have a yard to mow...

Now it is time for me to bring the ants a little present...

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