Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lawnbott Chronicles: Herman is a rug muncher!

Last night my wife, Lindsay, went outside to make sure Herman found his home for the night but his garage was empty. Figuring he got stuck somewhere, she checked the usual hang-out spots (ant hills and tree bases) with no success. Finally, she found Herman near the back deck, straddling our Astroturf rug!

Apparently the wind pushed the rug off the deck into the yard where Herman was waiting to pounce. Who knows how long this liaison lasted, but the rug is not the same anymore. Herman rode it hard and left scars that are physical and possibly emotional. Lindsay and I have decided that the best thing for all of us is to send the rug away. I think Lawnbott's lust is just going to hurt one of them if we allow the situation to continue.

So much for Herman's innocent facade. We know the danger that lurks between his wheels now. I just hope he doesn't try to deflower the pots...

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