Wednesday, June 12, 2002


I feel like I'm having illusions of grandeur.

I look at the people around me, listen to them talk about women: sluts, whores, stick'em in the pooper, fuck'em & forget'em, cheating on my wife (cool, me too!).

I listen to them talk about other ethnic cultures: niggers, spics, fucking monkeys, kill'em all, slopes, chinks, dirty mexicans.

I listen to them talk about having fun: get drunk and fuck some whore, beat the shit out of some body, drink until I puke, make fun of someone because their different.

I look at these people and I imagine that I'm better than them. I see myself as being more evolved than this. Then I wonder how much of this crap is getting through to me. How much of this crap am I going to drag back to my friends and family? How low am I sinking just from working beside these pigs?

I have no friends on this ship.

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